OCTOBER 8th 2016




8:15 - 8:45



8:45 - 9:00

Eric Allodi , teacher in Evolutionary Enlightenment and Integral Philosophy

Have you ever dared to see beyond the daily life to explore the hidden meaning of reality, answering questions of identity and meaning that has been fascinating mankind for ever, and live a righteous life, free from fears and desires that trouble you?

Have you ever wondered about your destiny, your place in the universe, your role in the process of evolution?

Do you know the secrets of the Universe, its source, its history and its direction?

During the initial Big Bang, from nothing came out matter and energy, then from a dead universe Life emerged, and finally one day, this living universe has become aware of itself through the human faculty  of self-reflective consciousness.

Three mysterious quantum leaps that are the foundation of an infinite path whose direction now depends on us.

So what is the next step of evolution? Are  We  the cells of a next , compelling, quantum leap beyond ourselves? How to be part of, how to initiate the fourth Big Bang?

This 5th edition of the Forum will be an opportunity not only to discover how the multi-millennia notions of Love, Consciousness or Enlightenment, are part of the great cosmic picture of Evolution, but also to give rise and live an unprecedented emergence of which no one knows the boundaries.



9:00 - 9:40

Annette Kaiser, spiritual teacher, visionary and author.

Rooted in silence – Now and at every moment, pure, intangible and radiant consciousness emerges out of happiness and infinite love. This is a Big Bang that continues, a quantum leap in the development of evolution on earth : the human species is awakening.

From matter to life to mind, to this pure consciousness that silently distills its love on everything that is – Now !
The Heart of our hearts reveal the next step of humanity. Finding its source in a primordial Unity, a new dance emerges between being and becoming, uniting form and formlessness, heaven and earth, in a total absence of duality. The Heart of our heart is the dynamo, the light in the light, which creates, underlies and unites all the frequencies of forms. In absolute immobility this dynamo gives rise to the evolutionary song in the world. Today, as more and more people are awakening, Evolution becomes conscious of itself. This means that conscious co-creation, driven by love, is now able to manifest itself in the form of a new culture for the sake of all that is. A new culture that respects diversity and celebrates the dignity of every living being.



9:40 - 10:20

Armelle Six, spiritual teacher

Love is the source of everything, it is infinite. There is no beginning and no end. It simply is. It is the creative power of Life.

Love that we are is the absence of non-love, non-acceptation. It  fully includes all experiences. It Is, before all experience, before all duality of  love as a feeling, emotion and non-love, hatred, exclusion.A wordless,formless and objectless love.

We are this self-giving love,which does not need to love or to be loved. And in this recognition, we discover a love that understands everything and includes all kinds of human love.

It is a very strong, transformative power that changes for ever our sense of self and our sense of the world.

Being welcomed in this space of formless, wordless , unconditional love is a “ schock” that instantly reconnects us to what it is, to who we are. It is neither a practise nor an action, it is what we all are !

Out of this reconnexion to true love that we are, the most important relationship, the relationship to the Self, emerges.  All human relationships inevitably flow out of it,  in a new dynamic in which values of sharing, collaboration, compassion and openness to difference then become natural.
A dance between formlessness and form takes place, the one giving birth to the second, reflecting an obvious “connection “ to the Self.


CHAPTER 4 - From Self Transcending Love to Self Embracing Love

10:20 - 11:00

Andrew Cohen, Spiritual Teacher of Evolutionary Enlightenment.

After meeting his spiritual teacher, the renowned HWL Poonja, in 1986, Andrew underwent a dramatic and life-changing transformation. His Guru awakened him to a powerful experience of Self Transcending Love, an experience that seemed to liberate him from a blind identification with his ego, his conditioned mind, and his personal history.


For 27 years, Andrew transmitted this same experience of Self Transcending Love to his students and his communities all over the world. Then in 2013, it suddenly all collapsed. Andrew was then left with a big question: “What went wrong?”.


After more than three and a half years of intense suffering and deep introspection, he eventually discovered a very different kind of love: a Self Embracing Love that emerges when we come to finally accept our own and each other’s flawed humanity, one that emerges when we have the courage and honesty to face our own brokenness, corruption, and pride.


Previously, Andrew’s awakening made it possible for him to avoid facing hidden parts of himself that were painful and unresolved, and that caused suffering to others. Contrary to popular ideas about Enlightenment, people who experience powerful awakenings often carry within them hidden and unfaced emotional and psychological issues. Indeed, this is one of the reasons so many Gurus have fallen and so many spiritual communities have come undone. There are almost always unconscious parts of ourselves at work that we remain largely unaware of. It is essential to understand and embrace these parts of ourselves with awareness and compassion if our pursuit of higher consciousness is to be truly whole.


Andrew will speak in a very personal way about his experience of these two very different kinds of spiritual love and how in paradoxical ways, they play fundamental roles in the attainment of an integrated awakening.



11:00 - 11:30



11:30 - 12:45

Collective Intelligence Workshop  No. 1 with 500 participants.

Within us all lies a secret project that, like a seed whose fruit will amaze us, could rock the world we imagine. For nearly 14 billion years, this project has been unfolding in us and all around us without us  being aware of it.

Having ridden the matter and life, this evolutionary process is now developing its interiority through us , thanks to the self-reflexive capacity of human beings.

Can we use this capacity  to feel it in ourselves, or even better, to discover its direction and co-create with it the future? The goal of the collective intelligence workshop is to help participants express their inner experience that will then be shared by the spokesperson in the plenary session



12:45 - 14:15



2:15 - 2:45

This cultural potential and experiences will then be shared by the spokespersons of the six groups in the plenary session.
The main discoveries that would have emerged during the workshop n° 1 will be shared by the spokepersons of the diverse groups in the plenary session.



2:45 - 3:30

Roundtable with Christine Guinebretière , Delphine L’huillier and Arnaud Riou.

This round table will be a prelude to the transformation workshops that will follow and aims to help us go from inspirational to experiential, from aspiration to action, from dreamed utopia to daily life.

Each of the speakers will demonstrate paths and techniques that have transformed their lives and made accessible mysterious ways to enlightenment and consciousness.


CHAPTER 8: Workshops of transformation

3:30 - 4:30

3 transformation workshops of 80 persons each will take place simultaneously:

 Workshop #1: « meditation is a training for life »

By Christine Guinebretière 

Many of us see meditation as a way to relax, but meditation offers much more. When we turn our attention to the source of meditation, we discover the deepest part of our being that is already free and at peace. And the more we spend time in this infinite Self the more we create space for our own transformation.

In this collective meditation workshop followed by a discussion, we will experience a seated and  guided meditation,  and we will discover how inner stillness help us align our daily actions with our highest aspirations, and gives meaning to our lives .

Workshop #2:  » How to trust and rely on body, heart and consciousness intelligence « 

By Arnaud Riou

Arnaud Riou’s workshops work as an actor training: they consist in discovering the facets of our personalities and playing with our emotions. As in theater, you will explore your relationship to others to allow you to meet the other, to come together, to say no, to say yes.

You will fully incarnate your body to be in the here and now in order to be more present to yourself, to others, to your choices. You will then make emerge your charisma and your authenticity.

Arnaud Riou relies on unusual tools from drama, martial arts and meditation.

Workshop #3: « Awaken the body soul, and find our inner rhythm with Wutao »

By Delphine L’huillier

Steeped in Taoist philosophy, Wutao, is a contemporary creation born from the fusion of different techniques: Qi gong, Tai chi, Yoga, western bio-energy… It is based on the union of two ideograms: « Wu » for dance or awakening, and  » Tao”, for the track.

Wutao practice is based on the awareness of the primordial wave motion of the spine. Released, these large and spiral movements, real calligraphic gestures reveal all our energy and artistic dimension, our dance of Tao, our way.

Wutao is a practice in line with our current needs where it is necessary to return to the essential, to the natural:

  • Reconnect with the body’s intelligence and live better inside,
  • Experience the feeling of movement,
  • Create link in oneself and with our environment to be feeling a comprehensive, healthy and loving being,
  • Awaken the soul from the body and find our inner rhythm.


4:30 - 5:00



5:00 - 5:30

Testimony of two evolutionaries:

  • Arnaud Riou, author, speaker and behaviorist,
  • Martine Vandenbroucque, Director publisher of « Terre de Lumière » and member of « Evolutionaries 2015 »


5:30 - 6:15

Round table with all the speakers who will answer questions from the public.



6:15 - 6:30

Conclusion by Eric Allodi.