FORUM 2015


After having established in 2012 the indispensability of the evolution of consciousness as the key to our future, after having reminded in 2013 that we share the responsibility to co-create the future consciously and, in 2014, having studied together the science of  the evolution of Consciousness, we propose for the 4th edition of the International Forum for the evolution of consciousness to share the experience of these evolutionary who devote their lives to embody their vision and realize their utopias.

According to a tradition that is traced to Plato’s Republic, utopia is an ideal society, a quasi-fictional place of happiness and harmony. But can this place exist without inner transformation? Are we still able to believe and, even better, are we able to realize our dreams, to fulfill our destiny and to co-evolve Consciousness and Culture?

To deepen these issues, we will listen to the testimonies of men and women who dedicate their lives to build their utopias, and will share their discoveries, their joys but also their difficulties.

Then we will travel beyond the known, with the help of the pioneers of the evolution of consciousness and 500 participants of the Forum, to explore the source of our ideals, be aware of the obstacles that deviate us and find out how to contribute to the great project of Human Evolution.



08:15 Welcome
We will welcome you from 8.15am up to 8.45am.
08:45 Opening

Eric Allodi, CEO of Integral Vision, Master of Ceremony.
He will garantee the thread taking the public in the heart of an evolutionary journey whose outcome will be the development of their own level of consciousness (in 2014, 90% of respondents felt they had « a little « or « a lot » evolved thanks to the Forum).
09:10 Nicolas Hulot

Nicolas Hulot, Special Envoy of the French President for Protecting the Planet.
Which utopia for Humanity?
Man is capable of the best and the worst. Yet he has this uncanny ability to reveal himself in all his genius and all his creativity, especially in the most difficult moments.
For it is often in adversity that we are able to reveal our highest and our finest potentials. Now that we are back to the wall, facing the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced, how will we react? Will we let the system manage our desperation or we will stand up to make possible that all want, individually and collectively: a just, united, in harmony with Nature and deeply humanistic World.
09:50 Peter and Cynthia Bampton

Peter and Cynthia Bampton, Spiritual teachers and co-founders of the « Awakened Life Project »
The source of Utopia
What is the nature of the ever-aspiring utopian impulse to create greater and more integrated expressions of Truth, Goodness and Beauty and where does it come from? And how might we define and put into practice this perennial human impulse in the 21st century?
In this presentation Peter and Cynthia Bampton will explore these questions and share their own positively challenging experience of creating the Awakened Life Project, a growing network of people and initiatives dedicated to the evolution of consciousness and culture in harmony with the ecological web of life.
10:30 Testimonies of Evolutionaries
Testimonies of Evolutionaries with Anne Guesquière, founder of the FemininBio magazine and Marc de Ménardière, filmaker of « In Quest of Meaning ».
11:00 Break
11:30 Evolutionary Workshops

Evolutionnary Workshops with all the participants
Generally, a forum is a place for exchange and experimentation. This will be the objective of this Forum that will allow you to not only meet pioneers of the evolution of consciousness and visionaries of cultural transformation, but will also make yourself actors of this evolution / transformation by participating in six evolutionary workshops.
During the Forum, you will be divided in six rooms of 80 people in a format that allows you to create and experience a greater awareness, and an unprecedented level of interactivity and creativity with other participants. This cultural potential and experiences will then be shared by the spokespersons of the six groups in the plenary session.
What is an Evolutionary Workshop?
The evolutionary workshop is a collective intelligence method inspired by the concept of World Café, an easy to use and practical concept to create a living, collaborative dialogue around an important theme for a group of people.
Exchange and participate beyond the ego
The workshop is built on the assumption that people have, individually and especially collectively, the wisdom and creativity to deal with complex situations… provided that they interact beyond the ego. Combining an informal atmosphere with a formal étiquette, you can create a focus of attention that provides access to a deeper shared knowledge that can be used to answer important questions.
The format of the workshop
Participants are divided into groups of four people who gather around tables type “bar table” in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Each group discusses the topic for 10 to 15 minutes and then group members will join different tables for “pollinate.” One member of each group will serve as the host table and will welcome new members and summarize the main ideas of their previous conversations. This “pollination” is repeated a few laps, during which members can write down or draw their ideas on a tablecloth or a post-it, until all participants are found in plenary to share their discoveries.
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Reports from Evolutionary Workshops

Reports from Evolutionary Workshops
The spokespersons of 6 evolutionary workshops will go on stage to share their experiences and findings from the workshops.
14:30 Presentation of the city of Auroville
14:40 Jean-Yves Lung
Jean-Yves Lung, Teacher and Researcher in Education.
Reinvent Education
Jean-Yves Lung has been living and working in Auroville for twenty years in education and research of new forms of economy.
He is particularly interested in how a paradigm shift affects both education and the economy. A society that replaces the search for satisfaction by the constant progress of a process of Enlightenment and Self-development necessarily redefines work, wealth, and what we call education.
15:10 Uma Prajapati
Uma Prajapati, Founder of Upasana, Auroville.
Design for Change
Let money have some new targets!
In auroville we believe “ all Life is Yoga”. I’m heading an ethical textile company and business has been my karma yoga. Riding on the power of business and giving it a new targets has always been an exciting journey in my last twenty year in auroville.
Making money works for my inner and outer growth, and also people and community around me… Surprised? Let’s talk about it at the Forum!
15:40 Aviram Rozin
Aviram Rozin, Co-founder of the Sadhana Forest project.
Love in Action
Every action in our lives expresses our relationship with our internal truth. What we think, say, eat, consume is either a step towards realizing our evolutionary potential or a step away from it. My journey has been one of attempting to be aware of the different steps I am taking. It has led me to understand how distant I am from the state of oneness that I am aspiring to, while enabling me to enjoy the many small steps I’ve taken already. Sadhana Forest is an expression of what I see as an ideal society. It is full of challenges and difficulties but also embodies an integral and simple way of moving forward as humans. « May there be more forests to grow people. »
16:10 Round Table Auroville
Questions and Answers between representatives of Auroville and the public.
16:30 Break
17:00 Terry Patten
Terry Patten, writer and one of leading figures of the Integral philosophy.
Utopia and Consciousness
Since ancient times, breakthroughs in human consciousness have spawned utopian experiments. Although most failed, some were co-opted and absorbed by the temporal order, such as the bold experiments spawned by Gautama and Jesus. Many so-called “failures” made essential contributions to the evolutionary dialectics advancing culture and consciousness. Now, our post-post-modern consciousness is giving birth to a “post-ironic” sensibility, a utopian, neo-romantic idealism. This utopian impulse is a vital expression of the social responsibility acknowledged by  psychologically healthy structures of awakened consciousness. It has an irreplaceable role to play in enabling human beings to break beyond our current stuck patterns, essential if we are to address global warming and our other imminent crises.
17:30 Round table INREES
Round table with all the speakers who will answer questions from the public.
18:15 Conclusion

Conclusion by Eric Allodi.