FORUM 2014

Understand to evolve! The science of evolution of Consciousness

The first two editions of the International Forum for the evolution of Consciousness have posed this evolution as the essential character to our future and defined as an evolutionary someone who sees the potential of the present, deeply believes in the future and feels himself or herself personally responsible for it. The evolutionary workshops of the Forum 2013 had led to experience a collective potential but the Forum 2014 aims to help us understand how to evolve and live an evolutionary daily life.

Because experience is not enough. Whether it is meditation, collective intelligence or psycho-spiritual contemplation, it is necessary to interpret these experiences to give them meaning, to understand and integrate them in order to embody new perspectives and more inclusive values able to bring out a new culture and a better future.

For this, we’ll invite this year researchers of Consciousness – philosophers, scientists and mystics – to help us better understand the fundamentals of Consciousness , its evolution in time and culture, and also, share techniques or practices that allow us to grow it in us, individually and collectively.


Eric Allodi et Matthieu Ricard : Conscience et méditation

Trinh Xuan Thuan : L’évolution et le cosmos

Allan Combs : les deux visages de la conscience

Laurent Gounelle et Christine Guinebretière : Témoignages évolutionnaires

Elisabet Sahtouris : Ecosophie et évolution bio-consciente

Rupert Sheldrake : L’intelligence évolutionnaire

Table ronde INREES : Evoluer au quotidien