Forum 2013

Forum-2013-speakersBELIEVE IN THE FUTURE!

To be an Evolutionary  is to realize that future is not written down, that we are free from the past and that we can forge our destiny and influence history with our individual and collective choices.

October 12, 2013

La Sorbonne-Malesherbes, 108 Bd Malesherbes 75017 Paris

  • 8.15 am – 9.30 am : Welcome

Why the evolution of consciousness has become  a need in our complex and blurred  time , and can we still love our 21st century?

  • 9.45 am – 10.25 am : The source of Positivity by Pierre Rabhi (interview by Sophie de Malglaive)

Today, humanity is over-informed on transgressions and troubles it causes to our planet. It has to be smart, otherwise it will disappear. The negative scenario is that humanity will not awake and will destroy itself. The positive scenario is that there will be a conscious leap to understand we don’t have any other choice than to change. (Pierre Rabhi)

  • 10.25 am – 11.05 am : Conscious evolution by Barbara Marx Hubbard (interview by Michele Elizabeth)

We are all members of Generation One, the first to face evolution or become a failed species by our own acts. Time is very short to make this shift.  The lessons of 14 billion years reveal that nature takes quantum jumps through the formation of whole systems greater than the sum of its parts. Barbara will present a way for humanity to participate in this quantum change by forming a global whole-system model on the internet. This model uses social media where people worldwide can enter their projects and their passions to create on an evolutionary platform: Such a platform is a template to connect and foster nonlinear exponential interaction and social synergy among innovations to model and rapidly enhance the emerging world already arising in our midst.

  • 11.05 am – 11.25 am : Panel with Pierre Rabhi and Barbara Marx Hubbard – Dialogue with the Public
  • 11.25 am – 11.35 am : Presentation of Evolutionary Workshops fomat
  • 11.35 am – 12.05 pm : Break
  • 12.05 am – 1.15 pm : Evolutionary Workshops with all the participants

Six workshops composed of 80 people will take place simultaneously at la Sorbonne. It will involve all the participants and use a  World Café format based on Collective Intelligence. We will explore what being an evolutionary means, how to become aware of the brakes and levers in order to become an evolutionary, and to see together how to  model the future.

These workshops will be evaluated by the team of Global Consciousness Project,  Princeton University,  in order to examine the existence and influence of the (if any) field of Consciousness generated by the workshops.

  • 1.15 pm – 2.30 pm : Light (but good) lunch
  • 2.30 pm – 3 pm : Evolutionary Workshops Reports

Spokesmen/spokeswomen for the 6 workshops will share in  a plenary session the results  of the collective work.

  • 3 pm – 5.15 pm : Evolutionaries Testimonies

These testimonies will be an opportunity to share the experience of visionaries and pioneers who, each in their fields, contribute to the development of culture and the emergence of new values in the socio-educational field:

– 3 pm – 3.15 pm : Current initiatives in Education Renewal by Dr Antonella Verdiani

And … if us, teachers, parents, we stopped to complain about the education system? And if we could get enough open, as a sign of trust, the doors of our classes, to finally open up the knowledge and share our best practices? It would go to a fundamental realization: because the wall that imprisons us today is created by ourselves. Once opened the way to our inner freedom, we will not have to worry about this “system” that makes us so afraid.

– 3.15 pm – 3.50 pm : The Pathless Truth : A Revolution in Consciousness, Teaching and Learning by Professor Gopal Krishnamurthy

This interactive and theatrical talk will explore the challenge of envisioning education for and from freedom. Starting with concrete examples from childhood and adulthood, the presentation will open up challenges to our habits of conformity and conditioning.

During the talk we will address two insights: (1) new perceptions occur when there is a shift in our beliefs, ideas and questions. (2) all our ideas (even the new ones) need to be continually disrupted to renew our consciousness, our engagement with each other and the world we live in. The talk will suggest that Truth is not a fixed point to which there are many paths but rather that Truth is a living movement of discovery.

– 3.50 pm – 4.30 pm : Education and Perpetual Development by Mary Adams (interview par Christine Guinebretière)

Never has so much information and knowledge been available to so many, thanks to technology. However, how we navigate the complexity of human life today – how we learn to make the significant choices that determine our collective future depends largely on our worldview, our deepest motivation, and our capacity to question what we already know. Education in the 21st century means cultivating a vast perspective, responding to the inner call for a deep and creative care -and  most of all, aligning ourselves with  the universal drive for perpetual development.

– 4.30 pm – 5 pm : Break

– 5 pm – 5.15 pm : Revolutionizing Education by Cyril Dion

While we are profoundly changing of era, what are the initiatives which intend to support children in building a sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling world? And how can we participate in this revival? From the Finnish model to alternative schools in France, from homeschooling to public education, this talk is about giving a small overview of inspiring initiatives and presenting the campaign “Revolutionizing Education, we are doing it!” launched by Colibris.

  • 6 pm : Closing Session