FORUM 2012



  • 1pm – Welcome
  • 2pm – Opening of the Forum
  • Introduction by Patrice van Eersel, Editor in chief of Clés magazine, Master of Ceremony and Patron of the Forum 2012
  • 2.15pm – The Big Idea of Evolution by Edgar Morin & Andrew Cohen

Great human beings throughout history, from Martin Luther King, Jr. to Mahatma Gandhi, have been inspired by Big Ideas—the grand narratives and bold orienting principles that give our lives meaning and purpose and guide our choices and actions. According to more and more contemporary thinkers, the Big Idea of the 21st century is evolution. Over 150 years since On the Origin of Species was published, Darwin’s big idea is starting to redefine everything from biology and technology to psychology and even religion. In this dialogue, Andrew Cohen and Edgar Morin will explore the Big Idea of evolution, and how it has not only transformed the way we look at our exterior world of fossils and fuel cells, but is also changing the way we understand the interior world of consciousness, culture, and human change. Drawing on their decades of work in the fields of individual and cultural development, Cohen and Morin will talk about why the philosophical and spiritual perspectives of the future will be defined by the Big Idea of evolution.

  • 3.30pm – New economic and political tools for the 21st century by Marc Luyckx

We are in a shift of civilization. Most people concentrate on internal transformation and it is crucial; but this civilizational shift has also an economic and political dimension. At the political level with a new non violent political paradigm and also at the economic level, with an “intangible economy” where the human capital becomes more important than financial capital! But in both cases we do not see the emergence of these new paradigms because our level of internal evolution is probably too low…. Here is where the internal evolution joins the external political and economic evolution.

  • 4.15pm – 4.45pm  Break
  • 4.45pm – Cultural Evolution and the Emergence of the Evolutionary Worldview by Carter Phipps & Steve McIntosh

The evolutionary worldview is an emerging cultural perspective—an expanded frame of reality—that transcends and includes the best of what has come before.  The evolutionary perspective can be understood as a distinct “worldview” because it provides an expanded set of values, a new way of seeing, and a discrete sense of identity for those who make meaning using its framework. In this panel discussion, authors Steve McIntosh and Carter Phipps will discuss what it means to embrace this new framework and truly become an “evolutionary”, as well as the evolutionary worldview’s specific applications to cultural development.

  • 6pm – The Emergence of a New Arab World by Elza Maalouf

The evolutionary pulse in the Arab world is now in search of a developmental roadmap that calls on a naturally designed style of democracy, at the time where a new and organic Renaissance is emerging out of the shadows of dictatorships and a quest for self-determination has begun. How do infant democracies informed by their unique indigenous intelligence create a new consciousness that meshes nationalistic, religious, educational and economic aspirations into an open system model? And how can this model contribute to global emergence while adapting to the ever evolving value-systems of its own culture?

  • 6.45pm – 8pm  Dinner
  • 8pm – Women, Men: Creating the Cutting edge of Culture by Elizabeth Debold & Geneviève Fraisse

From a deep time, 14 billion year perspective, it is possible to step back and see the magnificent trajectory of evolution from the Big Bang through time and history to our seemingly chaotic globalizing civilization. But down on Earth, discerning the evolving edge of culture in the here and now takes much more discernment and is far more implicating. Evolution at a cultural level calls us, as women and men, to change. In this dialogue, Elizabeth Debold, American author and developmentalist, and Geneviève Fraisse, philosopher, will touch on history, politics, feminist theory, biology, and psychology to discuss the challenges and evolutionary opportunities facing women and men at the leading edge in France today.

  • 9.15pm – Conscious Evolution by Ervin Laszlo & Andrew Cohen

At this crucial moment in human history, when the pace of change is rapidly accelerating all around us, the power and importance of human choice has never been more significant. In fact, our uniquely human ability to choose may be the greatest gift that evolution has given us, because it gives us the power to consciously become the kind of people we want to be and build the kind of world we want to create together. In the Forum’s closing dialogue, Andrew Cohen will join renowned systems philosopher and integral theorist Ervin Laszlo for an in-depth exploration of this emerging capacity for conscious evolution–what it means, what it takes, and where it has the potential to lead us in the future.

  • 10.30pm – End of the Forum



1 – EDGAR MORIN & ANDREW COHEN : The Big Idea of Evolution

2 – MARC LUYCKX : New economic and political tools for the 21st century

3 – ERVIN LAZSLO & ANDREW COHEN : Conscious Evolution