The Forum’s mission is to catalyze the evolution of consciousness and culture. We aim to raise awareness of leaders, examples and pioneers in the emerging field of integral and evolutionary spirituality, and to reveal the ultimate relevance of spiritual enlightenment in our time.

Through the Forum and its associated events, we hope to awaken, connect and catalyze a global evolutionary movement, people who feel personally responsible for creating the future and adhere to the Declaration of the Evolutionary.

The Forum is co-organized by the non-profit association EvolutionNext and the company Integral Vision since 2012.


We are a team of 11 volunteers, passionately interested in Evolution, spiritual developement and collective intelligence and as such, we have a dream : connecting and catalysing a global movement of Evolutionaries that feel personaly responsible for creating the future.

Steering Committee

Eric Allodi

Eric Allodi

Christine Guinebretiere

Christine Guinebretière

Anne de Béthencourt

Anne de Béthencourt

Vincent Drouot

Vincent DROUOT

Operational Committee

  • Caroline Chauveaux
  • Annick Macher
  • Valérie Oudouoir
  • Tsipora Dalu
  • Mohamed Loukil
  • Anne Guillou
  • Adam El Jaouhari